Why Missing Or Broken Trampoline Springs Need To Be Replaced

You see your kids standing in front of the trampoline with their shoes off and ready to step into it when suddenly you notice a spring is missing. While it may be alarming at first sight, don’t worry, the trampoline is still usable, but only for a short time.

Kids can jump on the trampoline with a spring missing as long as the rest of the trampoline is in good condition. However, the best recommendation is to avoid the trampoline with a missing spring so that you can replace the spring ASAP.

Before buying Phoenix In-Ground trampolines, check the ins and outs of having missing springs. You never know when this information can be necessary! 

Why Missing Or Broken Trampoline Springs Need To Be Replaced In Arizona

Why Are Trampolines Springs Important?

Trampoline springs are a crucial part of a trampoline. They are the engine of the trampoline because they make the trampoline work properly. 

When someone jumps on the trampoline, the springs offer the elasticity for the mat to go down. After that, the springs recoil, making the trampoline mat go up again. 

Every Spring Matters

Every trampoline spring matters because they contribute to the elastic stretch and recoil. You probably have seen that all the springs are distributed evenly around the mat, and that’s necessary to pull the trampoline evenly.

If a spring is missing, that area of the mat won’t be pulled along with the rest of the springs. That would make the surrounding springs work harder, leading to more missing or broken springs in the end.

What Happens When There’s A Missing Spring?

As we mentioned before, a missing spring can be a big issue for your trampoline because it makes the other springs work harder. This is usually a problem with traditional trampolines, as In-Ground Trampolines in Arizona tend to use another system.

Despite having a missing spring, the same amount of weight is pushed into the trampoline by a person jumping, so the remaining springs have to do their work but under more pressure.

The springs next to the one missing have to do the most work. This extra work causes the stitching on the mat around the D-rings, which can lead to tearing. It can cause strain at the holes where the trampoline springs are attached.

Besides, if the metal frame is not strong enough, the force can open the anchor holes.

How To Inspect For Damaged Springs

If you see there’s a missing spring, better check the rest of the trampoline to see if there are more missing. To do so, lift the trampoline pads around the frame, and carefully check each spring.

While checking each spring, make sure that the hook joining the end of the spring mat is perfectly round. Also, ensure that the other end has a nice curve and that each end doesn’t look deformed.

Make sure to take care of your trampoline by checking its springs often. The same recommendation goes for In-Ground Trampolines in Gilbert. They have a different system, but they still need maintenance and good care.

The coils you see in the spring should always be good and tight. They should touch each other with no gaps. If you notice any gaps, then maybe the spring has stretched, so it should be replaced because it is no longer in good condition.

If you have any missing springs, do not forget to replace them whenever possible. Do not forget to replace deformed springs as well to avoid more damage to the trampoline.

How To Replace a Missing Spring

The first thing you have to do is to measure the size of the spring. You can do that by taking a spring off the trampoline. Use a spare spring, a spring tool, or a pair of pliers, so that the process is safe (do not use your bare hands!).

Once the spring is out, measure from the outside edge of one curve hook to the other edge. This measurement gives you the length of the trampoline springs you have to buy.

Also, see if your springs have a cylinder design, or if they have a ‘fat bit’ in the center.

Remember you can find trampoline accessories, including in-ground trampoline parts in Phoenix by contacting professional shops.

How Long Can The Trampoline Resist Without A Spring?

You can let your kids use the trampoline for a day or two if there’s a missing spring. However, you should look for a replacement as soon as possible. Otherwise, your trampoline could suffer more damage, and your kids could also have accidents.

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