Getting the Most Out of Your New Capital Play In-Ground Trampoline

Let’s face it: just jumping on Gilbert in-ground trampolines by itself is a total blast, without having to add in any other tricks or changes. But what if you want to switch it up and make it even more fun? Are there some new neighbors you want to impress, or is your normal circle of friends getting bored of the same routine and want to try something new? You are in luck! The fun experts at The Jump Shack have compiled a short list of some exciting ways to get the most out of your Capital Play Mesa in-ground trampoline with enclosure. Read ahead to learn more!

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When in Doubt, Add Balls

DODGEBALL – If you need a way to spice up your trampoline play, add some balls! Dodgeball is always a fantastic option, and works especially well for those who have Gilbert in-ground trampoline nets or Arizona in-ground trampoline enclosures. The nets and covers help keep the balls contained so nobody has to constantly get off the trampoline to go chasing after loose balls. Give each person their own ball, call one person “it” and have them throw their ball at the others, while everyone must try to stop it with their own ball. Another possibility is to bounce a ball on the Arizona in-ground trampoline mat and everyone else must jump around to avoid being touched by it.

If you are playing dodgeball, it is important to remember that only those of similar weight should be on the trampoline together. Anyone significantly heavier can cause injury to other players, and anyone significantly lighter can easily be injured in play. Also be sure the balls are not over-inflated, to reduce the risk of injury or accidents.

JUMP AWAY – Another idea for balls and trampoline play is to add several small balls to the trampoline mat. Ping-pong balls or even small rubber bouncy balls work great. The idea is to jump around and avoid touching or being touched by the balls under the Gilbert in-ground trampoline cover.

Simon Says

Simon Says is a classic, exciting game for all ages, anytime and anywhere. Did you ever consider playing Simon Says on your trampoline? Assign one person to be “Simon”, and they can call out any specific thing to be done while on the trampoline.  Playing it while on the bouncy mat can add a challenging twist to the requests from “Simon”. Check with The Jump Shack to see if there may even be some different Mesa in-ground trampoline accessories that could add to the fun!

Cloud Gazing

Sometimes relaxation is the best choice. Grab your family and a couple of pillows, and have everyone spread out on the comfy trampoline mat to look at the clouds. Make it by fun by finding a shape and asking everyone else to find it too. This activity is an amazing workout for the imagination and creativity! Just keep an eye out that feet or long hair do not get tangled in the Gilbert in-ground trampoline parts or springs.

Bubbles & Water

Who doesn’t love a good round of popping bubbles? Try sending all the kids onto the trampoline, and then you stand outside it with a bubble machine. Point it upward so the bubbles go up and over the sides and float down onto the trampoline. Let the kids have fun popping the bubbles by jumping and bouncing, or seeing who can avoid being touched by a bubble the longest. Just be sure to rinse off the trampoline mat at the end so the soapy water does not leave a slippery residue on your trampoline.

When all else fails, prop up a garden hose so it sprays water over the trampoline sides and down into the middle. It is the perfect way to cool off on a sweltering summer afternoon. Be aware that water can make the trampoline mat slippery, so make sure there are not too many people on the trampoline at the same time that can slip and hurt each other.

These are just a few of the endless possibilities for adding to your enjoyment of your high-quality Capital Play trampoline! The experts at The Jump Shack can offer even more ideas and ways for you to ramp up the fun in your backyard. Maybe you do not even own a Capital Play trampoline yet; if that is the case, what are you waiting for? Visit The Jump Shack to view our selection of  in-ground trampolines in Gilbert for sale and get started on your backyard fun! These trampolines are extremely durable, the best quality, and come with amazing warranties. Browse our inventory online or visit your nearest Jump Shack location today to learn more!

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