11ft x 8ft Capital In-Ground Trampoline Safety Enclosure – Corner


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Designed to fit the 11x8ft Capital In-ground trampoline this corner net is a great option to protect from nearby fences, hedges or paved areas. It can be fitted on either corner to suit your needs.
  • Extra level of safety – Protect from nearby walls or hedges, or simply stop pets from enjoying your trampoline while you’re not looking!
  • Did you know? – These nets can be modified to cover a smaller or larger area of the trampoline. Call us for details.

1 in stock

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Product Description

Whilst having a safety enclosure with your in-ground trampoline is not always necessary, the corner net enclosure is a great option for smaller gardens as it provides protection against fences or borders. The long and short sides will be left open allowing easy access.


Trampoline Netting Close-up
High Quality Netting

Our super tough net is made from a tried and tested polyurethane material which will not rip, fade or rot.
Strong Enclosure PolesEnclosure Poles

This enclosure kit comes complete with 35mm in diameter poles which are made from heavy duty, rust-proof steel that is designed not to bend. The poles come with foam covers that protect the user if they should fall against the pole.
Extra height entry zipExtra Height Entrance

To make it easier to get on and off the trampoline we have added a longer length access zip – meaning it’s just as easy for taller teens & even mom and dad to get on the trampoline!


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