The Unbelievable Advantages of an In-Ground Trampoline

Trampolines are fun! Just about everyone loves them, no matter what age they are. If a person walks by a trampoline, chances are good that they are going to feel the urge to bounce. And if a kid sees a trampoline – forget about it! They will be begging for a chance to have a few minutes – or a few hours – on it.

But trampolines aren’t just fun. They also have a number of other benefits. If you don’t have a trampoline in your home, consider getting an in-ground trampoline. You may be surprised at some of these benefits that in-ground trampolines in Gilbert offer:

A Great Full-Body Workout

When you want to work up a sweat, you probably lace up your running shoes or throw on your swimsuit. But you might be surprised that jumping on a trampoline can actually give you a better workout.

A study by NASA found that jumping on a trampoline “is close to 70 percent more effective than jogging.” The reason is that you use your upper and lower body when you jump on a trampoline. You have to engage your core muscles, as well, to remain balanced. Start doing tricks on the trampoline (safely, of course), and you’ll easily ramp up your workout.

Lower Risk of Workout Injury

Jumping on a trampoline puts less stress on your body than many other types of exercise, such as running where you are constantly pounding your feet against pavement. When you land on the trampoline, you get a soft bounce. Otherwise, you are flying through the air.

You are much less likely to tear or pull a muscle or ligament while you are jumping on a trampoline than you would if you were doing other types of exercise.

Improved Heart and Lung Health

A Gilbert in-ground trampoline can give you a great cardiovascular workout. Just spend a few minutes jumping, and you’ll find yourself breathing hard. It’s surprising to many just how quickly their heart rate gets up on a trampoline and how soon they find themselves gasping for breath.

Working out on a trampoline can quickly improve your heart health and your lung strength. Even adding a few minutes to each day can help you improve your health.

Greater Endurance and Muscle Strength

With your improved heart and lung health after working out regularly on a trampoline, you’ll have much greater endurance. You’ll find that it’s easier to do yard work, to play with the kids, or even to take hikes or run along the beach.

You’ll also see greater muscle strength after working out on a trampoline. Most notably, you’ll build the muscles in your legs. Since these are a major muscle group, you’ll also see your reseting metabolism speed up, which can help you lose weight if that’s a goal. Working out on a trampoline can also improve your core muscle strength, which supports posture and overall health.

Removal of Toxins

Jumping on a trampoline, which is also called rebounding, stimulates your lymph system and helps to drain toxins from your body. That up and down motion is literally shaking your sysem and encouraging the drainage down and out of toxins and other things your body doesn’t need.

Be sure to drink plenty of water after you get done on the trampoline to help this process and to keep from dehydrating!

Easy Exercise

Exercising can often feel like a chore. You know you have to do it, but you likely don’t want to do it, and you have to force yourself on most days. When you feel like this, you’re also more likely to skip it, which is bad for your mental and your physical health.

Jumping on a trampoline is fun! It doesn’t feel like exercise. And if you get out there with your kids, you have the added bonus of spending time with them.

In-ground trampolines are a lot of fun, and they offer great health benefits. With an in-ground trampoline, you also don’t have to worry about the visual clutter of an above-ground trampoline. You can enjoy the same sightline while still adding many benefits to your life.

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