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You can help your children have wonderful memories of their time growing up in Nevada. How? Get a swing set or a playset that will keep them occupied for hours in your backyard. We have those at The Jump Shack. Take a look at our selection of sets from premier brands that are made from the best material. They are designed with safety in mind – you won’t have to worry about your kids while they are playing on them. The sets are durable and will give your children many years of enjoyment. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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    We are proud of our reputation in Nevada for providing the best selection of swing sets and playsets. They are top-of-the-line and are also very affordable. You will find that it is a worthy investment for you and your family. Give us a call at (800) 414-2001.

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    As a parent in Nevada, you are very busy. You have to drive your kids around to things like school, doctor appointments, and after-school activities, among other things. Who has time to go to a showroom and look at swing sets or playsets? You can do all of that from the comfort of your home and look at our site. Browse through our entire Jump Shack catalog and see what gets your attention. We are also easy to reach through the site and respond quickly to questions. It is our goal to help you give your kids a wonderful childhood in the form of play. Contact us today!

    The Fort Backyard Swing Set

    $ 4,750

    The Fort

    Backyard Swing Set

    The Hideout Backyard Swing Set

    $ 5,185

    The Hideout

    Backyard Swing Set

    The Palace Backyard Swing Set

    $ 8,595

    The Palace

    Backyard Swing Set

    The Castle Backyard Swing Set

    $ 8,095

    The Castle

    Backyard Swing Set

    The Fortress Backyard Swing Set

    $ 13,195

    The Fortress

    Backyard Swing Set

    Our Clients’ Testimonials

    Nevada’s #1 Playground Equipment Store

    When it comes to playsets or swing sets, Nevada residents know to look for The Jump Shack. We carry the best brands and sell them for very affordable costs. There are many different ones to choose from and so many of them are customizable. That way, you can create a unique thing that will give your family many hours of fun. This way, they can enjoy the fresh air rather than being inside all day. We are also known for our customer service – our courteous staff will gladly answer any questions that you might have. If you live in Nevada and want something fun for your kids, contact us today!

    We ordered our inground trampoline from Jump Shack. Tyler was SUPER responsive and answered all my questions, he was beyond helpful. While we waited for our order to come in he was very good at communicating updates. Our trampoline was installed today and it is SOO nice... it’s seriously gotta be the nicest trampoline I have jumped on. Would definitely recommend Jump Shack to anyone and everyone

    Five star rating

    FANTASTIC Service 🙌🏼 Was surprised at how quickly he responded, I literally emailed and had it order and delivered in a couple days. You won’t be disappointed, great service and communicative. Thank you Jump Shack!!

    Five star rating

    Tyler has gone above all expectations with helping us get everything ordered and ready for our trampoline! He was so helpful and we are so excited for our trampoline!

    Five star rating

    Convenient Prices On Outdoor Playsets

    You already have to spend a lot on your kids; clothes, food, and doctor appointments, just to name a few things. Fortunately, you won’t have to break the bank to get a playset or swing set for them. Our selection is very affordable and you will be able to get something that is long-lasting and will provide hours of fun. We will be glad to answer any particular questions you might have about the price of certain things. Feel free to contact us by phone or reach out through our website.

    The Fort Backyard Swing Set For Sale In Nevada

    $3,890 – $5,319


    • 5ft Tower
    • Tarp Roof
    • Vinyl Ladder
    • 10′ Wave Slide
    • Swing Beam with 2 Swings
    The hideout playswing set For Sale In Nevada

    $4,595 – $5,685


    • 5ft Tower
    • Vinyl Roof
    • Rockwall
    • Wave Slide
    • Swing Beam with 3 Swings
    The palace playswing set For Sale In Nevada

    $7,350 – $9,295


    • Two 5ft Towers
    • Tarp w/ Vinyl Roof
    • Vinyl Ladder
    • Rock Wall
    • And More…

    Professional Retailer For Kids Swing Sets Near You

    If you are in the market to buy a swing set for your kids, we are the perfect destination. Our inventory is hard to beat – we have swing sets from the top brands. You can get these for extremely cost-effective prices. These come in all sizes and colors and can have a different number of swings. Should you also want a playset, you can get a customized one for you that will look fantastic in your backyard. We are ready to help you provide a great childhood for your children. Contact us today!

    Nevada’s Leading Retailer for Kids' Swing Sets

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    High-Quality Playground Sets For Sale In NV

    Popular Play Sets For Your Children

    At The Jump Shack, we have popular swing sets and playsets that are made by the most well-known manufacturers out there. They will have all the latest designs on them. You can also find ones that can become popular in the future – so you could be a trendsetter. Whatever the case, fun is the name of the game. Check out our selection and see which one grabs your or your kids’ eye and then go from there. We can even set them up for you to save you any aggravation. The outdoors will be fun again for your children … and you can relax while they do that.

    Buy A Trending Backyard Playground Set In Nevada
    Buy A Trending Backyard Playground Set

    You can get the most trendy playsets on the market from The Jump Shack. Do you have a particular color or design in mind? We will most likely have it or can customize it. Contact us today!

    Compare Premium Kids Backyard Playsets In NV
    Compare Premium Kids Backyard Playsets

    You will love the wide array of premium playsets to choose from. Soon, your children will be playing in their Nevada backyard, using their imaginations and enjoying the air. You can get the best Nevada swing sets at affordable prices!

    Oversized Children Swing Sets For Sale In NV
    Oversized Childrens Swing Sets For Sale

    Our playsets come in all sizes. Sometimes bigger is better. You can get that with our oversized swing sets. Then your children will have big fun for many hours. Take a look at our selection!

    Large-Sized Kids Play Sets for NV Backyards
    Large-Sized Kids Play Sets for NV Backyards

    You can fit many hours of big fun in our selection of large-sized playsets. Best of all, you can customize them to make them something that is yours and yours only. Your kids will have a blast for years!

    Nevada Online Store for Outdoor Swing Sets
    Nevada Online Store for Outdoor Swing Sets

    If you are looking for swing sets and want to shop for them online, you can go here on The Jump Shack. We have our whole collection available. Go ahead and browse – you will find what you are looking for!

    Customize Your Kids’ Outdoor Playset In Nevada
    Customize Your Kids’ Outdoor Playset

    There is almost no limit to what you can choose from to customize the playset that you will get for your kids. You can choose from many different options. Soon, a world of fun will be in your backyard.

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