Not sure if The Jump Shack is right for you? Read real customer reviews on the quality, durability, and lovability of our Capital Play in-ground trampolines. Our customers also share about their experiences with our customer service team and in-ground trampoline installation projects.

We had an above ground trampoline for the longest time, and I was always paranoid about my kids falling off. Even with the net, it was a little worrisome. So we checked out the in-ground trampoline options that the Jump Shack offered and we found the perfect size for our yard. What sold us was how easy the installation looked! We’re sooo glad we switched to an in-ground trampoline!

Kathy B.Five star rating

My kids LOVE our new in-ground trampoline! With it being in the ground, there’s no limit to the fun they can have. We also love that it looks really good with our existing landscape. Would highly recommend The Jump Shack’s in-ground trampolines!

Natalie R.Five star rating

We weren’t sure if we wanted a trampoline at all, but the kids begged us. We were super worried about the falling off and hurting themselves, even with a net. So we looked at the in-ground trampolines from The Jump Shack and we were amazed at how easy they looked to install. One 8’ round trampoline later and our kids are having the time of our lives in our backyard, safely!

Anthony S.Five star rating