• Do you have a new Capital in-ground trampoline and want it set up for light use? Get these springs, which are European-produced with German steel. Their safety curls will keep people from getting hurt. They are long-lived thanks to their being hot-dipped galvanized and also having their wires pre-tensioned. Their conical shape also improves performance.
  • Have you had a Capital in-ground trampoline installed and it gets used a lot? Getting this will help guarantee that you can keep it maintained. These springs, which are produced in Europe with German steel, have everyone’s well-being in mind. They have safety curls at the ends and they are hot-dipped galvanized during their creation, extending their life. They are conically-shaped, which helps improve their performance and their wires are pre-tensioned, which helps them last longer.
  • If you own a trampoline park with several in-ground trampolines, you can feel safe equipping them with these springs. They are made in Europe with German steel and they are designed with safety curls. The production process includes hot-dip galvanizing, which extends their life, shaping them conically, which improves their performance, and they pre-tension the wires, which also increases the lifespan.
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