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Green 14ft x 10ft Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline

$ 2,545

14ft x 10ft

Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline – Green
Gray 14ft Circular / Round In-Ground Trampoline

$ 2,335


Circular / Round In-Ground Trampoline – Gray
Gray 14ft x 10ft Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline

$ 2,545

14ft x 10ft

Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline – Gray
Green 14ft Circular / Round In-Ground Trampoline

$ 2,335


Circular / Round In-Ground Trampoline – Green
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10 year inground trampoline frame warranty


Rebound Therapy approved inground trampoline product


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Five-Star In-Ground Trampolines For Sale

Our in-ground trampolines have consistently earned top ratings, thanks to their high quality and durability. You can trust that when you buy from our in-ground trampoline shop, you’ll get a trampoline that is safe and that you can enjoy for many years to come.

We had an above ground trampoline for the longest time, and I was always paranoid about my kids falling off. Even with the net, it was a little worrisome. So we checked out the in-ground trampoline options that the Jump Shack offered and we found the perfect size for our yard. What sold us was how easy the installation looked! We’re sooo glad we switched to an in-ground trampoline!

Kathy B.Five star rating

My kids LOVE our new in-ground trampoline! With it being in the ground, there’s no limit to the fun they can have. We also love that it looks really good with our existing landscape. Would highly recommend The Jump Shack’s in-ground trampolines!

Natalie R.Five star rating

We weren’t sure if we wanted a trampoline at all, but the kids begged us. We were super worried about the falling off and hurting themselves, even with a net. So we looked at the in-ground trampolines from The Jump Shack and we were amazed at how easy they looked to install. One 8’ round trampoline later and our kids are having the time of our lives in our backyard, safely!

Anthony S.Five star rating

Buy Capital Play In-Ground Trampolines

Capital Play has a reputation as one of the leading brands of in-ground trampolines, and The Jump Shack is proud to offer these industry-leading trampolines in our in-ground trampoline shop. We carry a wide selection of Capital Play trampolines and accessories, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Explore our catalog to learn more.

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Find a wide selection of in-ground trampolines that fit with any backyard landscape and are easy and safe to install for hours of fun!

In-Ground Trampoline Safety Net Icon


Make your in-ground trampoline safe for all ages with our safety netting, manufactured with quality and durability in mind.

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Accessories for your trampoline, such as trampoline covers and other items to make your jumping experience more enjoyable.

In-Ground Trampoline Safety Nets

A net is an important safety accessory for your in-ground trampoline. You need to buy a net that is designed specifically for in-ground trampolines to ensure the right fit and protection. We sell a variety of safety nets to fit any in-ground trampoline.

14ft x 10ft Capital In-Ground Trampoline Safety Enclosure - Side

$ 365

14ft x 10ft

Capital Trampoline Safety Enclosure – Side

14ft x 10ft Capital In-Ground Trampoline Safety Enclosure - Corner

$ 365

14ft x 10ft

Capital Trampoline Safety Enclosure – Corner

In-Ground Trampoline Covers

A cover can protect your in-ground trampoline from the elements, including rain, snow, and accumulating debris. The cover prevents damage and makes it easier to keep your trampoline clean. We sell a variety of covers to fit any in-ground trampoline.

14ft Capital In-Ground Trampoline Cover from Capital Play

$ 255


Round In-Ground Trampoline Cover

14ftx10ft Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline Cover

$ 255

14ft x 10ft

Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline Cover

Install Your In-Ground Trampoline Kit

Installing an in-ground trampoline requires a lot more steps than installing a traditional, above-ground trampoline. We offer in-ground trampoline kits that make this process a little easier. The trampolines are installed flush to the ground, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they blend in beautifully with your background. We offer comprehensive instructions and videos to make the installation easy for everyone.

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Flush to Ground

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Safest on the Market

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Great Range of Shapes and Sizes

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Full, Half and Quarter Net Options

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Blends in Beautifully to Your Backyard

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Capital Play In-Ground Trampolines

Not sure which trampoline to choose? Or have specific questions about installation, safety, or accessories? Call us or send an email to get answers to all your questions. Our friendly professionals are ready to help so you can make the right selection.

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Leading In-Ground Trampoline Store

The Jump Shack is the leading in-ground trampoline store in Arizona thanks to our extensive selection of high-quality in-ground trampolines and accessories, as well as our phenomenal service. We are committed to offering only the best in-ground trampolines at the best prices, and to providing all the support you need for flawless in-ground trampoline installation.

Airflow TDU Systems

Safest In-Ground Trampolines

We carry some of the safest in-ground trampolines on the market. They are rated for safety for the quality of their materials and their design. You can trust that your family will be safe on these trampolines.

Dual Tek strength

Durable Below Ground Trampolines

Our trampolines will last for many years, giving your family hours of fun and exercise. They are made of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the conditions below ground. You don’t have to worry about them breaking down.

performance gym weave

Gymnastics In-Ground Trampolines

Having a budding gymnast in the family? Our trampolines are perfect for practice. You can get large, in-ground trampolines that provide plenty of practice area. Your gymnast can get in practice any time.

professional springs

Underground Trampolines Of All Sizes

We carry in-ground trampolines in all sizes so you can get exactly what you need. You can get large trampolines to accommodate a larger family or parties, or you can get smaller trampolines for smaller yards.