The Advantages You Should Know About In-Ground Trampolines

When people think about trampolines, they usually think about above ground models, which stand on metal legs and are often surrounded by a net to prevent injuries. However, in-ground trampolines, where the base of the trampoline is sunk into the ground, are becoming a popular option because of their increased safety features.

Of course, many families want to know: which type of trampoline is better? What are the benefits of an Arizona in-ground trampoline over an above-ground model? Here are some of the differences and how each type of trampoline compares. 

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If your top priority as you purchase a trampoline is how it appears in your yard, an in-ground trampoline is the way to go. This is because the manufacturers of outdoor activity equipment are primarily concerned with safety rather than aesthetics. The metal frame of an above ground trampoline, which is usually surrounded with a brightly colored net in order to appeal to children, may be fun, but cannot be easily blended into any landscape. If you’re looking primarily for a good-looking addition to your backyard, go with an in-ground model.


Understandably, one of the primary concerns of most parents while they shop Arizona in-ground trampolines for sale is safety for their children. In this category, in ground trampolines win again. Most trampoline accidents are the result of falling or jumping off the trampoline and landing hard on the ground, something that doesn’t happen with an in-ground style. The design of in-ground trampolines also prevents children from getting injured underneath a trampoline or getting their fingers caught in springs.


There’s no competition when it comes to setup – above ground trampolines have an unquestionable edge. All you need to do is find a level spot in your yard and follow the simple assembly instructions. In-ground trampolines usually require professional installation. You’ll need to find a place in your yard where you can legally and safely dig a large hole, actually dig the hole, set up the trampoline, and then refill the hole in a way that will prevent it from caving in or loosening your Arizona in-ground trampoline net in severe weather. 


In-ground trampolines require much less maintenance. Since the metal frame is in the ground, its exposure to the elements is significantly reduced and is unlikely to rust. In cold climates, an above-ground model may be preferable because it can easily be moved during the winter. But in most climates, an in-ground trampoline is still less maintenance overall. 


It’s easy to see which model has the most portability: above-ground trampolines. All you need to do is pick it up. It’s also easily disassembled for storage. Since an in-ground trampoline is installed into the ground, its placement is pretty permanent. 


Generally, above ground trampolines are less expensive than an in-ground style. Not only is the trampoline itself cheaper, but there are no added costs to set up or installation. An Arizona in-ground trampoline installation requires quite a bit of work that usually needs to be done by a professional with specialized tools. 

One situation in which an in-ground model may be more cost effective is when you live in a windy area, where you’ll want to purchase anchors, stakes, or ties in order to tether an above-ground model to the ground. But usually, these small costs won’t make up for the higher cost of an Arizona in-ground trampoline

Children or Adults?

When it comes to trampolines, there are many above ground and in-ground models, so there is something that will be a good fit for everyone.  As you look through the options, it’s good to consider whether your trampoline will be used primarily by children or adults. 

There will be exceptions for everyone, but generally, in-ground trampolines are recommended for children, and above-ground trampolines are best for adults. In-ground models are safer and more easily accessed by children. However, above-ground models are often larger and have more bounce, making them a more fun option for adults.

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