Requirements To Consider When Using An In-Ground Trampoline Above Ground

If you attempt to answer this question with a simple yes or no, it won’t work. It is not that black and white. You must consider a few conditions before knowing if Arizona in-ground trampolines work as above-ground trampolines. 

Generally speaking, you can place an in-ground trampoline above ground if it meets some requirements. For example, it has a traditional frame with legs, and the mat is 2.5 feet high off-ground. However, if the in-ground trampoline doesn’t have traditional legs, you cannot use it above ground. 

In this article, we will look at the can-in-ground trampoline to be used aboveground and answer it by discussing some of its major points.

Requirements To Consider When Using An In-Ground Trampoline Above Ground

Features Of In-Ground Trampolines

In-ground trampolines are dug into a hole, so they have a low profile to the lawn. This is their main difference from regular ground trampolines. Under the inground trampoline, you place unique materials to help it drain and avoid weed formations.

They usually have a strong steel frame to resist moisture in the ground. Therefore, the trampolines are heavy when you move them away.

In-ground trampolines also have unique paddings and mat materials to increase airflow. These items help with air exchange under the mat every time you bounce.

Most in-ground trampolines don’t come with a safety net. You may find some brands doing it, but you normally have to search the Gilbert in-ground trampoline nets separately. 

We recommend you place the net before putting the trampoline in the hole if you decide to use one. 

Reasons To Use An In-Ground Trampoline Above Ground

You don’t need numerous reasons to place an in-ground trampoline above ground. Some of the most common reasons are:

You Don’t Have a Suitable Ground

You may have bought an inground trampoline, but then you realized your ground is rugged and hard to dig out. Or the utility services have strong cables running through the yard, and you cannot dig a hole with those cables around. 

Digging A Hole Is Not Easy

We all know how tedious it is to dig a hole. Getting the trampoline set up above ground is easier, and that’s enough reason to give the kids playful time without much effort. 

The Kids Love To Test Limits

We do not advocate this for children, but some want to do crazy parkour on the trampoline because they love testing the limits. Inground trampolines normally have a deep, generous bounce to compensate for air exchange.

Some foolhardy children might want to set the trampoline in specific areas that allow them to do crazy things, like jumping from the trampoline to the pool. 

Can I Use Arizona In-Ground Trampolines Above Ground?

Technically you can, but only if you have two elements in place.

Firstly, you need the right frame. Some inground trampolines have suitable frames for above-ground use, but others don’t. 

Secondly, you need the right legs. For an above-ground placement, the legs must have a U-shape. They should also have the right height for bouncing. 

U-shape legs are better than ‘stilt-type’ legs for these trampolines. U-shape legs distribute the force of the bounce throughout many points of the ground, so they are less likely to sink. Stilt-type legs don’t work the same because they can sink into the ground and make the trampoline uneven. These types of legs are generally used in mini-trampolines. 

As we previously said, the legs must have the right height so that the children don’t hit the ground. 

Once you install the inground trampoline, dig the hole to a certain depth. See the same dept for the trampoline model so you can install it successfully.

We recommend you leave at least 3 feet between the flat mat and the highest point of the ground under the trampoline when installing it. Always keep this in mind before buying Phoenix in-ground trampolines.

In some cases, you can only dig down to 2’6’’ in the center, so it may be better if the legs are only 2’6’’ high. The same goes for smaller trampolines, including 10ft trampolines.

Finding The Best In-Ground Trampolines In Arizona

In conclusion, you can use inground trampolines above ground as long as they have suitable legs. If you are looking for the best in-ground trampolines in Arizona, check The Jump Shack website now! We offer numerous in-ground trampolines so you can choose your favorite. Contact us if you have any doubts! 


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