How To Choose Between A Round Or A Rectangular Inground Trampoline

Did you know there are dozens of shapes in which an in-ground trampoline can come? You’ve probably seen the rectangular, concrete-filled trampolines at daycare centers, but have you seen the round inflatable ones in some backyards? Both have advantages and disadvantages. Besides, they are generally made for different types of play.

If you are interested in buying in-ground trampolines in Arizona but aren’t quite sure what shape of trampoline suits your needs, don’t worry, we will help you. We will explain the differences between round and rectangular trampolines so you can choose wisely and prepare to have fun at home!

How To Choose Between A Round Or A Rectangular Inground Trampoline

Comparing Frame Strength

Frame strength is one of the most important features of an in-ground trampoline. The first thing you should consider when looking for frame strength is not the shape of the trampoline but the materials used for the frame. 

Some in-ground trampolines use simple steel for their frames, so these are prone to suffer damage from rust after several uses (especially if kids use it daily).

Opt for galvanized steel rather than plain steel. Galvanized steel has higher resistance and is less prone to rust. Besides, many companies that offer galvanized frames offer longer warranties. 

Some companies offer trampolines with a powder-coated steel frame. This coating also prevents rusting, although does not work the same as galvanized steel. 

But, what does it all have to do with circular or rectangular trampolines? The two shapes come out on equal footing regarding frame strength. Therefore, there’s no difference in frame strength as long as you choose the right material. 

Gilbert in-ground trampolines should be made with high-quality frames to last for many years. 

Comparing Bounce Quality

Many kids care about how high they can jump on the trampoline. Bounce quality depends more on the size than shape. Smaller trampolines offer smaller bounces, so they are a great option for young children.

Rectangular trampolines usually offer a higher bounce than round trampolines. A rectangle-shaped trampoline allows all jumps to bounce equally. This happens because the springs in rectangular trampolines work separately depending on where the person jumps. Therefore, the springs experience less pressure.

Round trampolines work differently. When you jump on round trampolines, each one of their springs works exactly at the same time. This happens because the center of gravity is right in the middle. If you move away from the center of a round trampoline, you will notice smaller bounces, while jumping in the center will propel you to greater heights. 

This feature may be important, but don’t forget safety for the kids, which is the next topic we will cover.

Comparing Safety

Kids care about jumping high, but the most important feature for parents is safety. Your children may love the high bounce on Phoenix in-ground trampolines, but you want to ensure they don’t suffer any injury while jumping. 

Round trampolines may offer greater heights, but that’s a great safety feature because jumps on the sides are weaker. Kids can enjoy jumping in the center of the ground trampoline, but won’t suffer any injury while staying on the sides. Plus, the circular shape makes them stay in the center longer, so you won’t have to worry about springs hurting them. 

Regardless of what you prefer, you can always add a safety net to the trampoline so you can ensure your kids won’t suffer any injury. This is another great safety feature whether you have a round or rectangular trampoline. 

Comparing Price

Price is another important factor when trampoline shopping. Things like materials, sizes, and shapes can affect the price. Here’s why:

  • Size: The larger the trampoline, the higher the price, and it happens for round and rectangular models.
  • Material: Common materials like woven nylon or polyethylene can also affect the price. 
  • Age: A new trampoline is more expensive than a used model and will have a longer life span. In short, new trampolines are a better investment.
  • Shape: Round trampolines are normally more affordable than rectangular trampolines. 

Get The Best In-Ground Trampolines In Arizona

In the end, the final decision is up to you. We can say that round trampolines are usually safer and more affordable, while rectangular trampolines are more appealing for backyards. Whether you decide one or another, don’t forget the factors we mentioned before so you make a smart purchase.

If you want to find the best trampoline for your house, contact The Jump Shack. We offer top-quality in-ground trampolines made with the best materials. Contact us now through our website or by phone to learn more about our products! 

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