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The Jump Shack features excellent quality, durable, and proven safe trampolines from Capital Play. Our experts specialize in Phoenix in ground trampoline installations and sales. Safe and fun for all ages, our extensive selection of Arizona in-ground trampolines are offered at affordable prices with unbeatable warranties.

Green 14ft x 10ft Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline

$ 2,545

14ft x 10ft

Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline – Green
Gray 14ft Circular / Round In-Ground Trampoline

$ 2,335


Circular / Round In-Ground Trampoline – Gray
Gray 14ft x 10ft Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline

$ 2,545

14ft x 10ft

Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline – Gray
Green 14ft Circular / Round In-Ground Trampoline

$ 2,335


Circular / Round In-Ground Trampoline – Green

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    10 year inground trampoline frame warranty


    Rebound Therapy approved inground trampoline product


    Proudly serving American families


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    Arizona’s Leading Trampoline Supplier

    As Arizona’s top trampoline supplier, our products are top of the line. Our equipment will last years, even in the harshest weather conditions. We carry a variety of trampolines to suit every skill level. Our trampoline experts offer free assessments, give us a call at (800) 414-2001.

    Shop Above-Ground Trampolines For Sale In Phoenix, AZ
    Explorer 16ft X 11ft Oval Regular Gray Trampoline
    Explorer Oval 16ft x 11ft Gray REGULAR

    View Details



    Explorer 14ft X 10ft Oval Regular Gray Trampoline
    Explorer Oval 14ft x 10ft Gray REGULAR

    View Details



    Explorer 15ft X 10ft Rectangular Regular Gray Trampoline
    Explorer Rectangular 15ft x 10ft Gray REGULAR

    View Details



    Explorer 12ft Round Regular Gray Trampoline
    Explorer Round 12ft Gray REGULAR

    View Details



    Explorer Regular 14ft Round Gray Trampoline
    Explorer Round 14ft Gray REGULAR

    View Details



    Performer 15ft x 10ft Rectangular Regular Gray Trampoline
    Performer Rectangular 15ft x 10ft Gray REGULAR

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    Purchase Capital Play In-Ground Trampolines In Phoenix

    The Jump Shack is a five-star, local Gilbert in-ground trampoline installation company that offers a vast selection of trampoline accessories, nets, enclosures, and more. Our Capital Play trampolines come with extensive warranties, and are always manufactured with the highest quality products. Whether you want to install following the clear directions, or hire our professional Arizona buried trampoline installation team, we are here to help. Visit one of our Jump Shack locations today to learn more!

    In Ground Capital Play Trampoline Installation Kits For Sale In Phoenix

    In-Ground Trampolines

    Discover our premium selection of in-ground trampolines, perfect for enhancing your Phoenix backyard’s fun and aesthetics while ensuring safety.

    Leading In Ground Trampoline Safety Nets And Enclosures For Sale In Phoenix

    Nets & Enclosures

    Elevate your trampoline safety with our durable nets and enclosures, designed to provide peace of mind for Phoenix families.

    In Ground Trampoline Accesories For Sale Online In Phoenix

    Trampoline Accesories

    Enhance your trampoline experience with our range of accessories, from weather covers to bounce boards, tailored for Phoenix’s active lifestyles.

    Buy In-Ground Trampoline Installation Kits In Phoenix

    Our Gilbert in-ground trampolines are completely user friendly and designed for easy installation, so that anyone can easily incorporate a trampoline into their backyard. Each system comes with clear step-by-step instructions to ensure successful setup and hours of safe entertainment. Additionally, for those who prefer a professional touch in the installation process, The Jump Shack offers full-service installation at completely affordable pricing. Visit with us today to choose your new easy to install in-ground trampoline, and let the fun begin!

    Flush to Ground

    Flush to Ground

    Safest on the Market

    Safest on the Market

    Great Range of Shapes and Sizes

    Great Range of Shapes and Sizes

    Full, Half and Quarter Net Options

    Full, Half and Quarter Net Options

    Blends in Beautifully to Your Backyard

    Blends in Beautifully to Your Yard


    Phoenix In-Ground Trampoline Installation Service

    The Jump Shack has an excellent history of five-star ratings for knowledgeable and friendly customer service. Our Capital Play in-ground trampolines for sale are durable, high-quality, and covered with extensive warranties to ensure years of endless fun. Designed to fit seamlessly with any landscape, our in-ground trampolines are offered in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and always manufactured with high-quality materials. Visit The Jump Shack today to see why our services are so highly recommended!

    Awesome trampoline! Great bounce! Very Durable! It sits nice and flush to the ground and was installed in 1 day!

    Tyler L.★★★★★

    This was a very good family owned company to work with when we decided to order our in-ground trampoline . . . It was pretty easy to put together after the workers dug the hole perfectly as shown in the instructions . . . It’s an AWESOME trampoline, my kids have spent hours on it each day they’re able to.

    Andrea J.★★★★★

    We weren’t sure if we wanted a trampoline at all, but the kids begged us. We were super worried about the falling off and hurting themselves, even with a net. So we looked at the in-ground trampolines from The Jump Shack and we were amazed at how easy they looked to install. One 8’ round trampoline later and our kids are having the time of our lives in our backyard, safely!

    Anthony S.★★★★★

    Compare In-Ground Trampoline Prices In Phoenix

    When considering in-ground trampoline prices in Phoenix, it’s essential to compare options to ensure you’re getting the best value. The Jump Shack offers a variety of in-ground trampolines to suit different preferences and budgets. Our pricing reflects the quality, durability, and safety features of our products. While shopping, consider the long-term benefits of investing in a higher-quality trampoline that will provide endless hours of fun and exercise for your family. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for detailed pricing information and find the perfect trampoline that fits your Phoenix lifestyle and budget.

    Below Ground Trampolines With Pro Springs For Children In Phoenix

    Children’s In-Ground Trampolines

    Discover the joy and excitement with our range of children’s in-ground trampolines in Phoenix, specifically designed with safety and entertainment in mind. Ideal for the youthful energy of your little ones, our trampolines offer not only a fun experience but also durability and security, ensuring endless hours of safe play and laughter in your backyard. Dive into our selection and find the perfect trampoline that promises to be a hit with the kids.

    Junior Underground Trampolines With Airflow TDU Systems For Sale In Phoenix

    Junior In-Ground Trampolines

    Unveil the world of active play with our junior in-ground trampolines, tailored for Phoenix homes, blending optimal safety features with fun elements. These trampolines are perfect for encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle among youngsters, providing a safe environment for them to jump, play, and exercise. Crafted with attention to detail, our trampolines ensure stability and durability, making them a long-lasting addition to your outdoor space. Explore our collection and elevate your children’s playtime with our quality designs.

    Adult’s Inground Trampolines With Performance GymWeave For Sale In Phoenix

    Adult Underground Trampolines

    Delve into the ultimate blend of fitness and fun with our adult underground trampolines in Phoenix, designed to meet the sophisticated demands of grown-up leisure and exercise. These trampolines provide an excellent way to combine cardiovascular workouts with exhilarating enjoyment, all within the comfort of your backyard. Engineered for superior bounce, resilience, and longevity, our models stand out as a top choice for adults seeking a unique way to stay active. Elevate your fitness routine while indulging in endless fun with our premium underground trampolines.

    Kid’s In-Ground Trampolines With Strength DualTek For Sale In Phoenix, AZ

    Kids Below-Ground Trampolines

    Transform your Phoenix backyard into a thrilling playground with our kids below-ground trampolines, crafted to offer a secure and vibrant play area for children. These trampolines are an excellent way for kids to engage in physical activity while having a blast. Our products are designed with safety and durability in mind, ensuring a worry-free environment where your little ones can jump, laugh, and create lasting memories. Embrace the joy and energy of youth with our reliable and fun-filled trampolines, a perfect addition to any family’s outdoor space.

    Top Rated In-Ground Trampolines Sold Online In Phoenix

    For hours of fun for all ages, our professionally made, high-quality Gilbert in-ground trampolines are crafted with heavy duty double frames and commercial grade jump mats. For additional safety measures, we offer quality nets, enclosures, and mat covers to ensure that you stay safe while jumping, and your trampoline stays protected while not in use. With extensive warranties on the trampolines and unbeatable customer service, you are sure to be pleased with your experience at The Jump Shack.

    Find Phoenix’s Preferred In-Ground Trampolines Online

    Find Phoenix’s preferred in-ground trampolines with us online, where quality meets safety and entertainment. Our selection caters to every family’s needs, offering durable, fun, and safe options. Elevate your backyard experience with trampolines that promise endless joy and are favored across Phoenix.

    14ft x 10ft Capital In-Ground Trampoline Safety Enclosure - Side

    $ 365

    14ft x 10ft

    Capital Trampoline Safety Enclosure – Side

    14ft x 10ft Capital In-Ground Trampoline Safety Enclosure - Corner

    $ 365

    14ft x 10ft

    Capital Trampoline Safety Enclosure – Corner

    Best In-Ground Trampoline Safety Nets

    Browse our extensive selection of high-quality safety nets, designed for the ultimate jumping experience while providing maximum safety. These nets are created to withstand the elements and are covered by a solid warranty to ensure longevity.

    14ft Capital In-Ground Trampoline Cover from Capital Play

    $ 255


    Round In-Ground Trampoline Cover

    14ftx10ft Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline Cover

    $ 255

    14ft x 10ft

    Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline Cover
    Phoenix Below-Ground Trampoline Sizes & Sizes

    For seamless incorporation into any backyard landscape, our Capital Play in-ground trampolines are offered in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Always created with double duty frames and commercial grade jump mats, these in-ground trampolines in California are the safest on the market and come with a wide range of safety net options and accessories as well. Whether you want professional installation or prefer to follow the instruction manual, these trampolines are ideal for every family.

    Cost For Large In-Ground Trampoline Install In Gilbert
    Square In-Ground Trampoline Install Company in Phoenix

    Our square in-ground trampolines fit perfectly into any landscape, and provide a fun experience for all ages.

    10ft Underground Trampolines With Installation Services In Phoenix
    Phoenix 10ft Underground Trampolines Install Companies

    Browse our selection of large, high-quality, in-ground trampolines designed to sit flush with the surrounding landscape.

    Browse Our Large Collection Of Buried Trampolines For Sale Near Phoenix
    Browse Large Buried Trampolines On Sale Nearby Phoenix

    For the best deals and even more affordable prices, check out our selection of in-ground trampolines offered at a discount.

    Affordable Rectangle In-Ground Trampoline Installations In Phoenix
    Cheap Phoenix Rectangle In-Ground Trampoline Install Pro

    To ensure the perfect fit in your backyard, hire our professional installation team to setup your new in-ground trampoline.

    #1 Oversized Sunken Trampoline Store Near You In Phoenix
    #1 Oversized Sunken Trampoline Store Near Me In Phoenix

    Visit The Jump Shack for the most highly-rated, excellent quality, in-ground trampolines offered on the market.

    Average Price For In-Ground Trampoline Installeation Services In Phoenix
    Average Price For Phoenix In-Ground Trampoline Installer

    At The Jump Shack, our Capital Play in-ground trampolines are always offered at affordable prices, including the installation and setup.

    14ft Below Ground Trampoline Installers In The Phoenix Area
    14ft Below Ground Trampoline Installers Around Phoenix

    For the most knowledgeable and friendly in-ground trampoline installation team in the area, visit The Jump Shack.

    Compare Install Costs For Circle In-Ground Trampolines
    Compare Install Costs For Circle In-Ground Trampolines

    If you are searching for the best costs in the area, The Jump Shack offers unbeatable pricing and extensive warranties.

    Shop Five Star Big In-Ground Trampoline Sale In Phoenix
    Shop Five Star Big In-Ground Trampoline Sale In Phoenix

    Browse our wide variety of in-ground trampolines and accessories, either online or in-person at one of our Jump Shack locations.

    Why We’re Phoenix’s Best-Rated Trampoline Dealers

    In-Ground Trampoline With Quality Accessories For Sale In Phoenix

    Upgrade Your In-Ground Trampoline Experience With High-Quality Accessories

    Enhance your trampoline fun with our high-quality accessories, designed to upgrade your in-ground trampoline experience in Phoenix, ensuring maximum enjoyment and versatility.

    Custom Fit Covers For In-Ground Trampolines In Phoenix, AZ

    Safeguard Your In-Ground Trampoline Against Weather Conditions With Custom-Fit Covers

    Protect your investment with our custom-fit covers, specifically designed to shield your in-ground trampoline from Phoenix’s diverse weather conditions, prolonging its life.

    Secure And Durable Trampoline Safety Nets For Sale In Phoenix

    Ensure Safety Against Trampoline Falls With A Durable & Reliable Safety Net

    Our durable and reliable safety nets are engineered to provide peace of mind, ensuring protection against falls and enhancing the safety of your trampoline experience.

    High-Quality Spare Parts For In-Ground Trampolines For Sale In Phoenix

    Keep Your In-Ground Trampoline In Top Condition With Premium Spare Parts

    Maintain your trampoline’s longevity with our premium spare parts, offering everything you need to keep your in-ground trampoline in pristine condition in Phoenix.

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    Explore North Phoenix’s premier trampoline shop for a diverse selection, offering the perfect bounce to every backyard with quality you can trust.

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    Upgrade your Maryvale backyard playtime with our top-notch trampolines, designed to provide endless fun and durable performance for all ages.

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    Transform your Encanto yard into a captivating playground with our exceptional trampolines, where quality meets endless entertainment for the whole family.

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    Discover the ultimate outdoor toy in Sunnyslope, offering trampolines that guarantee hours of fun, combining fitness with exhilarating joy.

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    Encourage active play in Downtown Phoenix with our premium trampolines, fostering a fun-filled environment where kids and adults alike can enjoy.

    FAQ About Trampolines

    Yes, we offer a comprehensive warranty on our trampolines, ensuring that your investment is protected. Our warranty covers any manufacturing defects and workmanship issues, providing you with peace of mind when making your purchase. We stand behind the quality of our products and are committed to customer satisfaction. Should any issues arise with your trampoline under normal use conditions within the warranty period, we will repair or replace the affected parts to ensure your trampoline remains in top condition for your enjoyment.
    The weight limit for our trampolines varies depending on the model and size selected, catering to different needs and preferences. Generally, our trampolines are designed to safely accommodate weights ranging from 250 to 450 pounds, ensuring they are suitable for both children and adults. We emphasize safety and durability, incorporating high-quality materials and construction to support the specified weight limits. For specific weight capacity details, we recommend checking the product descriptions or contacting our customer service, ensuring you choose a trampoline that meets your requirements and maximizes fun and safety for everyone.
    To prevent injuries while using a trampoline, adhere to these safety guidelines: ensure only one person uses the trampoline at a time to avoid collisions; install safety nets and padding to protect jumpers from falls and contact with the frame; supervise children at all times, and restrict stunts or flips without professional guidance. Regularly inspect the trampoline for wear and tear, repairing or replacing damaged parts promptly. By following these practices, you can create a safer environment that minimizes risks and enhances the enjoyment of your trampoline experience.
    In-ground and above-ground trampolines offer distinct experiences and benefits. In-ground trampolines are installed at ground level, offering a lower profile in your landscape, reduced risk of falling off, and easier access for users of all ages. They require significant preparation for installation, including excavation and proper drainage to prevent water accumulation. Above-ground trampolines are more common, easier to set up, and typically more affordable. They may come with enclosures for added safety and can be relocated if necessary. Choosing between the two depends on your preferences, yard space, budget, and safety considerations.
    The recommended age for children to use a trampoline independently is typically around 6 years old, but this can vary based on the child’s physical development and coordination. It’s crucial that children understand and adhere to safety rules before using a trampoline without direct adult supervision. Even for older children, adult oversight is advised to ensure safe play. Introducing children to trampolines at a younger age should be done with close adult supervision and potentially with safety nets and padding in place to prevent injuries. Always consult the trampoline’s manufacturer guidelines for specific age recommendations and weight limits to ensure safe usage.
    During winter, proper care is crucial to extend your trampoline’s lifespan. Start by removing any debris, like leaves or snow, to prevent moisture accumulation. If possible, disassemble and store the trampoline indoors. If it must stay outdoors, secure a weather-resistant cover to protect against snow, ice, and UV damage. Check the frame and springs for rust or wear and apply a rust-protectant if necessary. Ensure the mat and netting are dry before storage to prevent mildew. Regularly inspect the trampoline throughout the winter to address any issues promptly, maintaining its safety and durability for when spring returns.
    Children Playing On Inground Trampoline With One-Side Safety Net In Phoenix, AZ

    Schedule Your Free In-Ground Trampoline Installation Quote

    When you choose an in-ground trampoline from The Jump Shack, you are getting quality, durability, and hours of guaranteed fun. Our Capital Play trampolines come with clear, step-by-step installation instructions, along with extensive warranties to ensure endless fun and safety. We also provide knowledgeable, expert installation help. Our trampolines are offered in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors, along with various accessories, to ensure a seamless fit with any backyard landscape. Call today to schedule your free installation quote!