Preparing Your Inground Trampoline For a Long-Term Success

Once you are ready to dig a pit in the ground for your inground trampoline, the next step is to put something down. The question is what can you put there? What can you put under an inground trampoline to make the space safer?

In short, you can put pea gravel and weed matting to stop weeds from growing under the trampoline and allow water drainage. But, depending on the soil type, you may need other things to remove rainwater and take care of your in-ground trampoline mat in Phoenix.

Take a look below at some of the best things to put under an inground trampoline to make it a long-term success.

An in-ground trampoline in an Arizona yard

The Best Things To Put Under An In-Ground Trampoline

If you have an inground trampoline, you should stop weeds from growing, and at the same time, you should ensure the water doesn’t pool in the pit.

For an in-ground trampoline pit, the best you can put under is pea gravel and weed matting as a barrier layer to help with drainage. Depending on the soil type and how it drains, you should also install a pump to remove water.

You can install the pump permanently. This way, the pump will work whenever the water hits a certain level. You can also choose a manual pump so you can turn it on whenever you notice the water in the pit. The decision will depend on your needs and budget.

Keep reading below to learn more about pea gravel, weed matting, and in-ground trampoline pumps.

What Is Pea Gravel & How Does It Work For In-Ground Trampoline?

Pea gravel is a smoothed pebble the size of a pea that comes from crushed rock in a big mill. Pea gravel is a common item for in-ground trampolines in Gilbert.

Pea gravel comes from a tumbling process. This process tears off the rough edges, leaving the small rocks softer.

Pea gravel prevents weeds, and it allows quick groundwater and rainwater in suitable soils. Besides, it becomes compact, so it helps level the trampoline if the ground is not exactly flat or uniform where you’ve dug it out.

You can use crushed rock under a trampoline too, but it’s better to use pea gravel because it won’t cut the weed matting. If your trampoline has legs, the legs will sit on the weed matting and pea gravel at the same time.

Be sure to get smooth gravel, not sharp-edged gravel, especially if your kids will use the in-ground trampoline often.

Is It True That Inground Trampolines Attract Weeds?

If the soil stays moist and gets enough sunlight, your inground trampoline may attract weeds.

In other words, weeds can grow under a trampoline, especially if they receive direct sunlight. Weeds are successful because they are fast-growing and robust. They will go through the matting and springs, impacting the quality of the in-ground trampoline and the quality of the bounce.

Once the weeds die back, they form an organic matter in the trampoline pit. In-ground trampolines in Arizona are not resistant to these weeds because they begin to rot and smell bad over time.

What Is Weed Matting & How Does It Work For In-Ground Trampoline?

Weed matting is quite common for in-ground trampolines. Weed matting is a long wide strip of polyethylene plastic. It is usually thermally spun-bonded, needle-punched, or woven to leave small holes for drainage.

Weed matting is necessary for inground trampolines because it prevents weeds from growing. It also allows drainage, so you should not ignore it when planning what to put under your in-ground trampoline.

Why Is It Necessary To Use a Pump Under In-Ground Trampolines?

Water can build up under a trampoline over time, becoming a danger quickly. You need a pump to remove this water and avoid hazardous situations.

Remember that kids can slip through easily and end up in the pit. Besides, water in in-ground trampolines is uncomfortable for anyone, not just kids.

A pump helps to remove water under your inground trampoline without much effort. There are plenty of types of pumps, so choose one that suits your needs and budget.

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