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Browse the largest available selection of Capital Play in-ground trampolines at The Jump Shack in Texas. Each trampoline and accessory is manufactured with high-quality materials and durability in mind. We also provide clear installation instructions for the DIYers, and professional installation for those that prefer someone else to handle it. With unbeatable warranties and five-ratings, The Jump Shack is the perfect place to find the ideal trampoline for your backyard.

Green 14ft x 10ft Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline

$ 2,545

14ft x 10ft

Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline – Green
Gray 14ft Circular / Round In-Ground Trampoline

$ 2,335


Circular / Round In-Ground Trampoline – Gray
Gray 14ft x 10ft Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline

$ 2,545

14ft x 10ft

Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline – Gray
Green 14ft Circular / Round In-Ground Trampoline

$ 2,335


Circular / Round In-Ground Trampoline – Green

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    10 year inground trampoline frame warranty


    Rebound Therapy approved inground trampoline product


    Proudly serving American families


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    Texas’ Leading Trampoline Supplier

    As Texas’ top trampoline supplier, our products are top of the line. Our equipment will last years, even in the harshest weather conditions. We carry a variety of trampolines to suit every skill level. Our trampoline experts offer free assessments, give us a call at (800) 414-2001.

    Shop Quality Above-Ground Trampolines In Texas
    Explorer 16ft X 11ft Oval Regular Gray Trampoline
    Explorer Oval 16ft x 11ft Gray REGULAR

    View Details



    Explorer 14ft X 10ft Oval Regular Gray Trampoline
    Explorer Oval 14ft x 10ft Gray REGULAR

    View Details



    Explorer 15ft X 10ft Rectangular Regular Gray Trampoline
    Explorer Rectangular 15ft x 10ft Gray REGULAR

    View Details



    Explorer 12ft Round Regular Gray Trampoline
    Explorer Round 12ft Gray REGULAR

    View Details



    Explorer Regular 14ft Round Gray Trampoline
    Explorer Round 14ft Gray REGULAR

    View Details



    Performer 15ft x 10ft Rectangular Regular Gray Trampoline
    Performer Rectangular 15ft x 10ft Gray REGULAR

    View Details



    Texas’ Capital Play In-Ground Trampoline Shop

    The Jump Shack offers an extensive collection of in-ground trampoline nets, covers, and other accessories. We have trampolines of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and are your one-stop-shop for hours of endless fun. Visit a Jump Shack location near you to consult with a jump expert about how to make your backyard safe and fun for all ages with a Capital Play in-ground trampoline.

    In-Ground Trampolines For Sale In Texas


    Choose from a wide selection of in-ground trampolines designed to blend seamlessly with any landscape and provide safe fun for all ages.

    Safety Nets And Enclosures Shipping To Texas


    Utilize our high-quality safety netting to make your in-ground trampoline safe for all ages. It is strong, stretchy, and durable.

    Texas' Favorite Quality Trampoline Accessories


    We have a variety of accessories available for your in-ground trampoline, including covers, nets, toys, and other items to make your experience more enjoyable.

    Browse Easy-To-Install In-Ground Trampoline Kits

    Each Capital Play in-ground trampoline comes with a clear set of instructions for installation. These trampolines are designed for simple setup, so DIYers will have no issues following the instructions. For those who steer clear of the DIY route, The Jump Shack offers professional installation at low cost. Simply let us know your preference upon purchase!

    Flush to Ground

    Flush to Ground

    Safest on the Market

    Safest on the Market

    Great Range of Shapes and Sizes

    Great Range of Shapes and Sizes

    Full, Half and Quarter Net Options

    Full, Half and Quarter Net Options

    Blends in Beautifully to Your Backyard

    Blends in Beautifully to Your Backyard

    Reviews & Ratings

    Families love our Capital Play in-ground trampolines because they are bouncy, durable, and available in a variety of customizable sizes and shapes. We offer full, half, and quarter net options, along with high-quality covers and accessories designed to make your experience enjoyable. Read through our reviews to learn more about why so many families are recommending The Jump Shack.

    As an old man, there are not many things for my grandchildren to play with when the family comes to visit. I called The Jump Shack and bought a 14ft x 10ft ground level trampoline for my backyard. I’ve never seen the kids run so fast! I truly am grateful. Thank you!

    Tyler L. ★★★★★

    I’m glad I bought my in-ground trampoline here. A quick call with step by step instructions and my kids are already enjoying their new trampoline. Thank you guys. I recommend their services.

    Anthony S. ★★★★★

    I’m so happy with my new trampoline! I wasn’t sure how to set it up, but their instructions are so easy to follow it was installed and ready to use before I knew it. Thank you so much!

    Nicole R. ★★★★★

    Compare In-ground Trampoline Prices In Texas

    Not only are Capital Play trampolines surprisingly simple to install, but they are exceptionally high-quality pieces that are affordable for every budget. With safety as a top priority, along with unmatched strength and durability, our goal at The Jump Shack is to create a safe environment for all ages.

    Texas Children's Inground Trampolines

    Texas Children’s Inground Trampolines

    The Jump Shack proudly offers the best children’s in-ground trampolines on the market. With safety as a top priority, we offer nets, covers, and other accessories to facilitate a fun, safe environment for kids of all ages.

    Texas Junior In-Ground Trampolines

    Texas Junior In-Ground Trampolines

    Visit The Jump Shack to find the perfect Capital Play in-ground trampoline for all the budding gymnasts in your family and neighborhood. Boasting sturdy frames and powerful springs, you are guaranteed hours of fun!

    Texas Kids Underground Trampolines With Pro Springs

    Texas Kids Underground Trampolines

    Whether you prefer a smaller circular trampoline, or a larger square shape, the experts at The Jump Shack can introduce you to our vast collection of kids in-ground trampolines in Texas.

    Texas Adult Below Ground Trampolines With Performance Gym Weave

    Texas Adult Below Ground Trampolines

    For adults who seek a method of exercise, or those who simply love jumping, the in-ground trampolines at The Jump Shack are the perfect solution. Visit us today to learn more about our selection!

    In-Ground Trampoline Enclosures In Texas

    Protect your family and friends while jumping with our high-quality enclosures designed specifically for in-ground trampolines. These are built to withstand the elements and to promote safety, so browse our selection today!

    14ft x 10ft Capital In-Ground Trampoline Safety Enclosure - Side

    $ 365

    14ft x 10ft

    Capital Trampoline Safety Enclosure – Side

    14ft x 10ft Capital In-Ground Trampoline Safety Enclosure - Corner

    $ 365

    14ft x 10ft

    Capital Trampoline Safety Enclosure – Corner

    Top Texas In-Ground Trampoline Safety Nets

    For added security while jumping, The Jump Shack carries a variety of full, half, and quarter net options for each size and shape of in-ground trampoline. Safety is our top priority!

    14ft Capital In-Ground Trampoline Cover from Capital Play

    $ 255


    Round In-Ground Trampoline Cover

    14ftx10ft Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline Cover

    $ 255

    14ft x 10ft

    Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline Cover
    Variety of Shapes & Sizes

    Popular Below-Ground Trampolines In Texas

    The Capital Play in-ground trampolines at The Jump Shack are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you prefer circular, square, or rectangular, each piece is created to blend seamlessly with any backyard landscape while promoting hours of fun and safe entertainment. People of all ages are guaranteed to have a blast with any shape and size you choose for your Capital Play trampoline.

    Average Price For A Texas In Ground Trampoline
    Average Price For A Texas In Ground Trampoline

    Always offered at affordable prices, our Capital Play in-ground trampolines are durable, safe, and sturdy.

    Calculate The Cost of An Underground Trampoline
    Calculate The Cost of An Underground Trampoline

    Utilize our handy online calculator to determine the estimated cost for a trampoline that will meet the needs of your family.

    Our Favorite Square Sunken Trampolines In Texas
    Our Favorite Square Sunken Trampolines In Texas

    Visit The Jump Shack to browse our vast selection of square in-ground trampolines, designed with superior quality in mind.

    Large Circular Below Ground Trampoline For Sale
    Large Circular Below Ground Trampoline For Sale

    For circular, in-ground trampolines that are installed flush to the ground, visit your local Jump Shack in Texas today.

    Compare Top Rated Inground Trampolines In Texas
    Compare Top Rated In-Ground Trampolines In Texas

    With professional and DIY installation options, The Jump Shack is the ideal place to find an in-ground trampoline for your family.

    Popular Oversized Rectangle Buried Trampolines
    Popular Oversized Rectangle Buried Trampolines

    The Jump Shack specializes in selling high-quality, oversized, in-ground trampolines that are the safest on the market.

    Why We’re Texas’ Most Reliable Trampoline Store

    In-Ground Trampoline With Quality Accessories For Sale In Texas

    Upgrade Your Backyard’s In-Ground Trampoline With High-Quality Accessories

    If you want to make your trampoline even more fun, check out our variety of high-quality accessories made to withstand time and add new dimensions to jumping.

    Custom Fit Covers For In-Ground Trampolines In Texas

    Protect Your In-Ground Trampoline With Our Tailored-Made Covers

    When it’s time to give your trampoline a rest for the winter, invest in our custom-made in-ground trampoline covers made to fit your specific trampoline perfectly.

    Secure And Durable Trampoline Safety Nets For Sale In Texas

    Secure Your Trampoline With A Durable Safety Net

    Upgrade your jumping experience and ensure safety with our variety of safety net options that can withstand the heavy use your trampoline will undergo.

    Long-Lasting Spare Parts For In-Ground Trampolines In TX

    Prolong Your In-Ground Trampoline’s Lifespan With Long-Lasting Replacement Parts

    Whether your trampoline needs new parts or you’re simply interested in upgrading, The Jump Shack has you covered with parts that are made to last.

    Texas’ Most Trusted Online Trampoline Store

    Shipping High-Quality Trampolines To Texas Cities

    Online Inground Trampoline Store Shipping Towards Houston, Texas

    Looking To Buy A Trampoline In Houston?
    Give Us A Call!

    Let our professionals help you find the perfect trampoline addition for your home in Houston that will enhance your yard without detracting from its aesthetics.

    Quality Safety Nests For In-Ground Trampolines For Sale In San Antonio, Texas

    Want To Spoil Your Grandchildren In San Antonio?
    Reach Out To Us!

    Our trampolines are made for children and adults alike so if you’re in the market for exercise or spoiling your grandchildren in San Antonio, contact us today.

    Dallas, TX's Favorite In-Ground Trampoline Covers

    Want To Have Some Fun On A Trampoline In Dallas?
    Look No Further!

    Whether you’re interested in additional safety features for your trampoline or a ladder that will make ascending your trampoline easier, look no further.

    Round, Oval, And Rectangle In Ground Trampolines For Sale In Austin, Texas

    Looking For An Outdoor Toy That Brings Hours Of Fun In Austin?
    You Just Found It!

    Experience high-quality trampoline accessories made to enhance your jumping experience in Austin and last for years to come.

    Best-Rated In Ground Trampoline Kits For Sale In Fort Worth, TX

    Want To Spend Some Quality Time With Your Kids In Fort Worth?
    Call The Jump Shack Today!

    Whether you’re looking for a rectangle, square, or circle trampoline in Fort Worth, The Jump Shack has you covered with a wide range of options.

    FAQ About Trampolines

    Absolutely! We take pride in offering a comprehensive warranty to provide our customers with peace of mind and confidence in their purchase. Details of our warranty, including coverage periods and terms, can be found on our official website. Additionally, a detailed breakdown of the warranty terms is provided in the trampoline’s manual for your reference. Our commitment to quality extends to the assurance that our trampolines are backed by a warranty that reflects our confidence in their durability and performance. We encourage our customers to review the warranty information to understand the coverage provided and any conditions that may apply. Feel secure in the knowledge that our warranty is designed to protect your investment in our high-quality trampolines.
    Our trampolines cater to a diverse range of users, and the maximum weight capacity may vary based on the specific model. We proudly offer Capital Play trampolines, renowned for their durability and versatility. These trampolines are expertly designed to accommodate both young and old users, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. The weight capacities of our trampolines are carefully specified for each model, taking into consideration factors such as frame strength, spring quality, and overall structural integrity. Whether it’s for the energetic play of children or the recreational enjoyment of adults, our Capital Play trampolines provide reliable and secure bouncing for users of different ages and sizes. Prioritize safety and quality with our trampolines, where the maximum weight capacity is tailored to meet the demands of a diverse range of enthusiastic jumpers.
    At our Texas trampoline company, your safety is our utmost priority, and we provide a range of trampolines and safety accessories to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience. Invest in our top-quality trampolines equipped with sturdy enclosures, reinforced frames, and durable padding for maximum safety during every jump. Our safety nets create a protective barrier, preventing accidental falls and ensuring a worry-free bouncing session. Consider our premium trampoline anchor kits to secure your trampoline firmly to the ground, minimizing the risk of tipping. Our specially designed trampoline ladders offer a stable and slip-resistant ascent, promoting safe access to the jumping surface. Explore our comprehensive range of safety accessories to create a secure trampoline environment, allowing you and your family to enjoy hours of active fun with peace of mind.
    To ensure the longevity of your trampoline during the winter months, follow these essential steps. First, remove any debris, leaves, or snow from the trampoline surface to prevent unnecessary weight and stress on the frame and springs. Secondly, disassemble any detachable parts, such as the safety net and ladder, for proper storage. Utilize our custom-made trampoline cover to shield the entire apparatus from harsh weather conditions, including snow, ice, and UV rays. This cover serves as an effective protective barrier against moisture and prevents rust or damage to the frame and springs. Additionally, consider storing smaller components in a dry and sheltered space to prevent wear and tear. Finally, periodically check your trampoline throughout the winter and promptly remove any accumulated snow or ice to maintain its structural integrity and safety.
    In-ground and above-ground trampolines differ primarily in their installation and appearance. In-ground trampolines are installed flush with the ground, offering a sleek and integrated look in the backyard landscape. They require excavation and a retaining wall, providing a level surface for safer use. Above-ground trampolines, on the other hand, are installed on a raised frame, making them easier to set up without the need for digging. While in-ground trampolines may have a lower profile, above-ground trampolines often offer easier access and maintenance. Both types prioritize safety, but the choice between them depends on personal preferences, aesthetics, and the desired level of integration with the outdoor space. Contact The Jump Shack today to find out which type of trampoline would suit your specific situation.
    At The Jump Shack, safety is our top priority, and we recommend that children use trampolines on their own only when they are at least six years old. At this age, children typically have better coordination and motor skills, reducing the risk of accidents. Our trampolines are designed with advanced safety features, including sturdy enclosures and padding, ensuring a secure and enjoyable jumping experience for young users. We understand the importance of fostering physical activity and fun, and our trampolines provide a safe environment for children to develop their balance and agility. Trust our commitment to quality and safety as we strive to make trampoline play a delightful and secure experience for children aged six and above. Invest in our trampolines for a backyard adventure that prioritizes both joy and well-being for your child.
    Children Playing On Inground Trampoline With One-Side Safety Net In Texas

    Popular Below-Ground Trampolines In Texas

    When you have decided that a Capital Play in-ground trampoline is the right choice for your family, visit The Jump Shack to browse our vast selection. Offered in a wide range of sizes and shapes, these trampolines come with nets, enclosures, covers, and other accessories designed to withstand daily wear and make your jumping experience come alive.